Homebrew Beer with Ritchie

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Anonymous says:

There Are Better Resources Available The first 6 or 7 minutes was a screen shot of the BeerSmith recipe with discussion. He poured bottled water in and suggests that you can add brewing salts and lactic acid but doesn’t mention the importance of knowing what the starting water chemistry is. You probably don’t want to just add minerals if you don’t know what’s already there. After pouring the water in he says that’s “probably” about 3 gallons??? “Probably?” Then just before putting the lid on, he makes a spur of the moment decision…

Anonymous says:

Seen it over 10 times and pick up a little every time. Amazing presentation start to finish.

Anonymous says:

Fantastic all-grain home brewing video It’s really refreshing to have such an experienced home brewer show us every little step behind making a great all-grain beer at home. I think the tips and techniques that Aaron taught in this video are really going to help me make better beer. Movie is a bit lengthy but there’s so much valuable stuff packed in here, it was fun to watch. Also, if you are a fan of the BIAB technique then this is a must-watch. Cheers!

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