Mr. Beer Bewitched Amber Ale Craft Beer Making Kit

The Mr. Beer Bewitched Amber Ale Edition Kit is the perfect starting point for brewing your first batch of beer. This kit includes Mr. Beer’s Bewitched Amber Ale Refill. The refill will ship separately from the brewing equipment. TweetPinShare0 Shares Related Products: Craft A Brew Home Brewing Kit for Beer – Craft A Brew Hefeweizen


Anonymous says:

Pleasantly surprised I’m not a huge beer fan, but I thought I’d give Mr. Beer a try and get a taste of what home brewing is like. My plan is to follow the directions first to try it out, and maybe start trying my hand with other recipes once I learn the process. I’ve started drinking my firth batch and I’ve bottled my 2nd batch. My 1st batch was the American Light beer and I must admit it is pretty tasty. Don’t be fooled by the claims that the beer is ready in 14 days. I tasted a small amount of my beer from the…

Anonymous says:

Phenominal This was a gift for my husband, and we’ve both loved playing with it! We’re brewing our second batch and waiting (not so patiently) for our first batch to finish carbonating so that we can give it a try!The kit really does have everything you need to get started, although I recommend if you enjoy it that you seriously consider picking up a case of glass swing-top bottles. The plastic ones that come with the kit are okay, but the glass ones are far classier and will last longer…

Anonymous says:

Get your man in the kitchen! OK, so he won’t ever cook dinner unless you ask, plead, and beg him to. You’re just going to have to come to terms with that. BUT you can definitely get him into the kitchen with BEER!Spend some quality time with your hubby in the actual kitchen, and a few weeks later, after you drink all the beer, you get to do it again!My husband and I had a lot of fun teasing each other about this, but the truth is it’s quite easy and it does make a fun family activity. We don’t…

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