Triple Scale Hydrometer and Glass Test Jar Combo Brewing Kit Supplies – Hydrometers Best for Home Brew. Homebrew Beer. Or Wine Making.

Triple Scale Hydrometer and Glass Test Jar Combo Brewing Kit Supplies – Hydrometers Best for Home Brew. Homebrew Beer. Or Wine Making.

Triple Scale Hydrometer and Glass Test Jar Combo Brewing Kit Supplies - Hydrometers Best for Home Brew. Homebrew Beer. Or Wine Making.

  • Professional : For or . Specific Gravity (0.99-1.17) Potential Alcohol (0%-20%) Brix/Balling (0-35). Color-coded scale indicates the starting and finishing points. (Dessert Wines, Table Wines, and Beer). Comes with instruction manual user guide for those learning to their own booze.
  • Jar Made of Solid Thick Borosilicate : Test tube and base are made from a single piece of laboratory grade, heavy duty glass. Can handle any alcohol; including high proof spirits. Can also be used with a variety of other (proof and tralle, maple syrup, high percentage spirits, wine thief).
  • Essential Piece of Any Brew Master’s Kit: for brewing your own beer or wine at . Distilling your own alcoholic drinks from your house has never been easier. The hydrometer is the most important piece of equipment in any wine or beer kit. Cylinder has a 250 ml (8oz) capacity to avoid obscuring hydrometer readings. Non-graduated and unmarked glass does not obstruct hydrometer readings.
  • Secure & Safe Packaging: Plastic tube cylinder holds hydrometer – bubble wrapped. All placed inside custom styrofoam packaging.
  • Guaranteed Accurate: Lifetime no hassle free replacement if inaccurate. Consider getting several sets.

Triple Scale Hydrometer with 12″ borosilicate glass test tube jar cylinder

– Triple Scale Hydrometer: Specific Gravity (0.99-1.17) Potential Alcohol (0%-20%) Brix/Balling (0-35)

– Test jar cylinder made of borosilicate glass with no graduations.

– Bubble wrapped for protection. Securely packaged to avoid breaking.

Measurements: Hydrometer Length 10″ (25.7cm) Test Jar Length 12″ (28.3cm)

What You Get
– 12″ Solid Borosilicate Glass Test Jar – Triple Scale Hydrometer (Beer, Wine, & Dessert Wine) – Hydromter plastic tube case – Instruction guide

List Price: $ 29.99

Price: $ 29.99

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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars
Necessary to any brew equipment kit is a good hydrometer to measure and monitor the specific gravity of …, April 25, 2016
Jacqueline (Kansas) –

I have home brewed for almost six years and have progressed from an extract kit brewer to using all-grain now. Necessary to any brew equipment kit is a good hydrometer to measure and monitor the specific gravity of the wort and beer. I have used a variety of hydrometers throughout the years.
This hydrometer says it is made in France and seems to be a fairly robust glass one. As I haven’t had time to brew yet and test it, I did the next best thing which is to see how calibrated it is. Water at 68F should read 1.000 on this hydrometer. I used cold tap water (so most likely close to the 68F but maybe not exactly). As the picture shows, the hydrometer reading was a little above 1.000, around 1.003. Even with a small temperature correction (included in the package with the sheet of paper) it will not quite read exactly 1.000. But overall I would say that it is calibrated to the exent that is needed when home brewing and will work nicely to give you an idea of the specific gravity of your wort and then your beer.
The package also includes a ‘test jar’ which is just the container it comes in. I used this in my gravity test and it did not leak, which is a good thing. It did seem to want to lean to one side which can also affect the reading as you want the hydrometer to fully float without touching any sides. So it will do in a pinch but a better test jar is recommended. The included paper also gives you the temperature corrections and a chart to convert specific gravity to % alcohol by volume or amount of sugar in solution, which is handy to have but readily available online also.

Overall, I think that this is a good product and will do any home brewer good when they brew. I would and will definitely use it when I am brewing. Saying all of this, I did receive this product at a discount for me to give an honest review. I buy many things off of Amazon and know how important the reviews are, which is why I believe that I have given my honest opinion here. If this has been helpful, please vote!

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars
A necessary purchase for homebrewers, May 18, 2016

If you’re planning to get into homebrew, then this is definitely the purchase for you! This is perfect for making wine and beers to test the alcohol-by-volume content of your beers/wines. Normally you would only check before you put it into the carboy to see the alcohol-by-volume content before the fermentation step, however the directions on this package allows you to check it after the first fermentation (before bottling), and after adding the bottling sugar.

The nice things about the hydrometer is that it is color sectioned off to show individual ranges of the alcohol for what you are brewing, which is really nice for beginners. If you’re a veteran brewer, then this would not serve too much use but it’ll allow you to make sure you’re within range.

As for the packaging of the product, it came in a box and the contents were bubble wrapped. The hydrometer was in plastic tube itself for protection, which was placed in the glass graduated cylinder, which was all bubble wrapped together. Others complained about how theirs came broken or had leaks, but so far I do not have any problems with the one I purchased. I only have to drop one star because the graduated cylinder is a bit fragile and it’s not the heaviest of duty. You would have to be super careful with it and not place it in an area where it would potentially be damaged or knocked over on accident because it will break easily.

The hydrometer upon use does not float vertically up but tilts to the side a bit, which makes it a bit difficult to read, however all hydrometers function about the same so this does not pose as a problem to me. A bonus item would be the paper that tells you temperature conversions and how to convert specific gravity to the percentage of alcohol/amount of sugar in the solution. You can also find it yourself online, however it’s already included in the kit and ready to go instead of pulling out your phone/laptop/tablet and having to look it up yourself.

Product description is a bit off as well…it says test tube jar but what you get is not a jar, but a graduated cylinder. Technically it’s a type of jar, but if you’re looking for a beaker, then this definitely is not the product for you. However, with a beaker, you wouldn’t be able to tell the gravity or use the hydrometer…so….you don’t actually want a jar, you would want the graduated cylinder.

**Disclaimer: This product was purchased at a discounted rate for a fair, unbiased and honest review. By getting a discounted rate does not mean an automatic five star for the item. If the item deserves a five star rating, then it will be given one.

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Island Thyme

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars
Essential beer & wine home brewing tool … Optional (but nice to have) for kombucha, May 26, 2016
Island Thyme (San Juan Islands,WA, US,) –

This review is for the Triple Scale Hydrometer & Plastic Test Jar Combo Set.
I was a little confused by some of the reviews that I read before I ordered the hydrometer & plastic test jar combo set; then I noticed that this listing offers two distinctly different items:
1. A Borosilicate Glass Test Jar
2. A Triple Scale Hydrometer & Plastic Test Jar Combo Set.

I received exactly what I ordered: A Triple Scale Hydrometer and Plastic Test Jar.
The set arrived with typical Amazon Prime speed, and exceptionally well protected. The hydrometer was inside a plastic tube that had foam padding protecting the top and bottom of the hydrometer. That plastic tube had a plastic end cap on each end, and was wrapped with a sheet of packing foam, shipped inside the test jar that was packed in and wrapped with a bubble wrap bag.

The product instruction / description insert says that the hydrometer is calibrated to 20°C / 68°F. I warmed some filtered water to 68°F, almost filled the plastic test jar with the 68°F water, inserted the hydrometer, and then gave the hydrometer a twirl (to remove any air bubbles). The hydrometer reading was exactly what it should have been for 68°F water = 1.000
Just in case whatever you are reading doesn’t happen to be exactly 20°C / 68°F there is a nifty little adjustment chart on the backside of the piece of paper that comes in the tube with the hydrometer.
There is also a table listing Specific Gravity, Potential Alcohol Content (% Vol), and Sugar / Liter on the same side of that little piece of paper.

I recently started brewing kombucha with a new culture, and felt like I was getting a “Buzz” when I drank kombucha made with that specific culture. I’ve started keeping a log with initial hydrometer readings for each new batch, and for each culture. I’m also logging the finished pH, and hydrometer readings when each batch tastes done. The three different batch brews that I’ve measured of the new culture have come in with higher alcohol content readings than the kombucha made with the other 5 cultures I grow. The readings from this hydrometer confirmed that the “Buzz” was real and there was a good reason for it. (No wonder homemade kombucha tastes SO much better than the store bought!) 😀

I am really happy with this Triple Scale Hydrometer & Plastic Test Jar Combo Set, how easy it is to read and use. Since I’ve confirmed that the one kombucha culture does have a higher alcohol content than the others, and brewing kombucha doesn’t need to be as precise as beer and wine making I probably won’t continue to take readings for each new batch. But if I start making wine again or ever need to check the alcohol content of kombucha again I have an accurate hydrometer for testing it.

I received a promotional discount on the purchase price of this item to evaluate it and give my honest unbiased opinion and review for other Amazon shoppers. When shopping for new products online, I rely on, and appreciate truthful and unbiased reviews from previous buyers. I hope my review will help other shoppers make better, and more informed decisions about their purchases.

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